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Cottages in Scotland on Walkhighlands

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Scott Monument


Edinburgh CastleEdinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, is a must for all visitors to see. It's festivals every year bring tourists from all over the world. Edinburgh's early history begins on the Castle Rock, which was occupied in the Bronze and Iron Age. Following a brief visit by the Romans, the Angles of Northumbria came, saw, conquered and hung around for a while. In the 7th century, their king, Edwin, rebuilt the earlier fortress of Dun Eadain – the Fortress on the Slope – and changed its name to Edwin's Burgh.

Her son, David I built the Abbey at Holyrood, a mile to the East along "The Royal Mile". Castle and Abbey became the anchor points of Edinburgh; a thriving town grew up along side the road between them, connected to Leith, Edinburgh's port and trade-link to the world.

If Edinburgh did not grow outwards at this time, it did grow upwards. By the end of the 1500's it was established as the Capital of Scotland, and growing in population the inhabitants chose to build high houses close to the protection of the Castle: high tenement buildings most of which can be seen to this day.

There are so many places for the tourist to visit but the main sites are Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace, The Royal Mile, Scottish Parliament Buildings, Scott Monument and John Knox's House.

Every year there are also a number of events which attract hundreds of thousands of visitors. Theses events include Edinburgh Festival, The Fringe, Edinburgh Military Tattoo and the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

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